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A Portfolio Website To Showcase Your Talent

Zero Frenzy Studio needed a new Portfolio website to showcase the work they have done for Game Designers and manufacturing industries. The brief was to create something that would provide a an easy way to showcase work, plus gernerate new business. We chose a black base with a red accent, as per the clients logo. After speaking with the client at length, we decided on a funnel based website design using UI to generate interest in the artist and the work he does.  We provided a modern WordPress platform with a light weight video interation to keep the site fast.

This colour option was chosen to invoke a feeling of dynamic movement. 

The red provides a real sense of power, stability and upward-mobility. For the type of work the artists provides.

Case Study Website To Generate Leads

Zero Frenzy Studios is an international 3d concept design artist that provides 3d concept art and game design assets. Alex, the artist asked us to provide a website that would help with showcasing and more importantly, sales-lead generation.

We did this using a combination of UI/UX funnel techniques and lead generation tools so that his potential clients would pass through to contact/booking after seeing what the artist can provide.


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Font Family Used on This Project

Main Heading Font

Cormorant is an serif family font designed by Christian Thalmann. The design was inspired by the sixteenth century types of Claude Garamond, and was designed as a display face.

Main Body Text

A geometric sans-serif typeface designed by Argentine graphic designer Julieta Ulanovsky. Inspired by posters qnd signs the Montserrat neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

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