WordPress Maintenance: what you need to do

Updating the basic and premium plugins in your Wordpress installation is one of the most important things you should do since plugin updates resolve security flaws that may be more or less important depending on the bugs discovered. 

WordPress Maintenance – Normally people think that creating a WordPress website is easy, and really, it is easy. The difficult thing is to maintain it. A WordPress installation requires maintenance from time to time, perhaps it does not require daily or weekly wordpress maintenance, but a manual review every month at least. In principle, a good wordpress wordpress maintenance plan for WordPress should consist of the following points as a minimum. 

WordPress maintenance backups

Backups are the basic method of protection against catastrophes. In WordPress, it is relatively easy to make fully automated backups and save them on external servers such as Google Drive or Dropbox. 

Plugin update

Updating the basic and premium plugins in your WordPress installation is one of the most important things you should do since plugin updates resolve security flaws that may be more or less important depending on the bugs discovered. 

Theme Update

The theme needs update. Normally, the theme has fewer updates since it has less code. The problem that we often find is that many WordPress website administrators have modifications made to the code to adapt the theme to the needs of the website, and this can make updates quite difficult.

WordPress Core Update

Although updating WordPress is an important task in the wordpress maintenance of any installation, we must bear in mind that all the plugins and the theme must have full compatibility with the version of WordPress that we are going to install.

Database cleaning and optimization

The WordPress database is in charge of saving all the data of the website that includes all the published articles, pages, configurations and much more data. The problem comes when you use it continuously for a long time and without cleaning the database since useless data accumulates.

Checking the Anti-spam methods

Although WordPress comes with Akismet by default, it is not a good plugin. Its operation is really bad and outdated for the methods that currently exist to fight SPAM. You can download Anti-SPAM free of charge from the WordPress plugin repository.

WordPress security check

WordPress security is one of the basic points of wordpress maintenance since lately many WordPress sites are being hacked due to a series of problems and security holes that can cause our website to be hacked. There are some tweaks that we can do so that our WordPress is secure and always 100% secure.

Performance and cache check

WordPress caching plugins usually always work without problems if you do not touch them, but some can cause problems in updates. Checking the performance of WordPress is very easy, all we have to do is have a performance benchmark of the WordPress installation beforehand.

Check that Google can access the site

It is important that Google can access the website. Otherwise, our site will disappear from search engines. There are two basic ways to check that Google can access the website – Through Google Page Speed, and using the Google Webmaster Tools.

Wordpress Maintenance

Checking for broken links

Why should we perform a broken link check? Well, broken links can have two adverse effects on our website. Visitors click on a broken link and leave our website. SEO can be damaged. It is important to check that our site is receiving the traffic it should.

Check the free space on the hosting or server

We must pay special attention to this since in a hosting, reaching the limit can simply leave the website down. Obviously, it is clear that if the database is corrupted and we do not manage to repair it, we will lose all the data on our website.

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