The basics of Website Design and Development

Information architecture consists of organizing all the elements of a website to make it easy to navigate. This is all about usability (UX) and accessibility.

Website Design and Development .Anyone who thinks that creating a website consists of making a beautiful and responsive layout is wrong. There are several web design and development concepts to consider. Even when we talk about good website design and development practices, it is impossible not to mention development. There is no such thing as web design without code. We are going to talk a little bit about it in this text here.

Information Architecture

Information architecture consists of organizing all the elements of a website to make it easy to navigate. This is all about usability (UX) and accessibility. One of the most important steps in information architecture is the wireframe.

Visual identity

Visual identity has to do with all the graphic elements that represent a brand, product or company – colors, typography, icons, styles, image patterns, etc. One of the most important elements of visual identity is the logo. 

Gestalt principles form

Gestalt is a concept that helps to create a well-defined shape that is pleasant and understandable. With this, it is possible to identify the meaning of a form just by observing it. Among the laws or principles of Gestalt, we can mention Unity, Segregation, Proximity, Similarity, Unification, Continuity, and Closing. By website design Bangkok

Readability and reliability

When it comes to Website Design and Development, a well-formatted text with easy-to-understand typography is a highly pregnant element. However, you should not only put the concept of readability to the text, but also to the entire layout. A well-defined button, an easy-to-fill form, an accessible menu – all this has to do with readability, which represents two web design concepts – usability and accessibility.

You know when you go to a website looking for quick information. It is frustrating when you cannot find what you are looking for just by reviewing it. The concept of reliability in web design has to do with usability. The easier it is to find a contact on the website, a section in the menu or a topic in a text, the better the site’s scan ability. 

Mobile first and responsive design

Within mobile first and responsive design, we find other website design and development principles. Responsive design has a strand called adaptive design. The former fits all screen formats, pixel by pixel. The latter features a different layout structure for each device. We can also mention the mobile version.

Security and privacy

It is all about the moment you can trick the user through dark patterns, tricking him into accepting cookies when he did not want to. Another classic example is advertising banners on download sites. Some libraries used may compromise user security and privacy. The structure of the site must be clear enough so that the user knows what will happen with each click, with each page loaded.

SEO could not help but be on this list

Notice that we are also talking about development. Gone are the days when SEO was synonymous with code, text and links. Nowadays, it is not enough to write content full of keywords and that is it. Your website needs to be robust and fight for good positions in Google. 

How to have a website with perfect web design

  • Ease of use and navigation
  • A professional visual identity that generates identification with the public
  • Well-planned colors to cause sensations and arouse interest
  • An intuitive structure, with easily identifiable elements
  • Good readability, readability and accessibility
  • Practicality to the point where the user looks and finds what he wants
  • Responsiveness to different screen sizes
  • Light and fast loading
  • Complete and quality content
  • Respect for the user.

Remember that the focus is and always will be on the user. Web Design does not have to please the company’s director or prioritize aesthetic issues.

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