The 5 Best Hosting Services For Asia

5 of the best Web Hosting services for Asia
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Hi, welcome, and thanks for reading this blog today. Obviously, you are here as you are looking for the best Hosting Services For Asia for your business. Great! Firstly let me tell you that this blog post is not an affiliate site. We do not get paid if you click and go to a hosting provider. We have our own independently run dedicated server for our clients based in Singapore. This is my blog and MY OWN OPINIONs as a consumer! And, are based on real-world usage, by me. Usage from me building websites and running them using these servers. Therefore, it stands to reason, this is not totally comprehensive. I mean I haven’t been able to use them all!

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The 5 Best Hosting Services For Asia 8

So what do you need from Hosting Services For Asia? For me, it’s these 5 things

When looking for the Best Website Hosting packages for your Asian Business, be that in Singapore or Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, or South Korea, YOU must ensure several things from your web host;

1. That its secure,
2. That the initial time response is fast,
3. That it is Stable and not going offline periodically,
4. Has great customer service when you need them and…
5. That it’s a great price, this is more about being cost-effective than cheap!

Ok, so without any more of this ado, here are MY top 5 servers to use in Asia!

Bluehost 3/5

The reason Bluehost gets a 3 is due to the customer service really. Yes I know they use the same one as HostGator, however, every time I go through Bluehost for an issue to get sorted it’s a pain. They really don’t seem to care. Everything seems way too much trouble for them.

  1. It ticks the box for being secure. They do take the security seriously and if I remember rightly you do get a free SSL when you climb on-board.
  2. It fails here. They go on to talk about a CDN they provide and how that makes it faster… It never actaully seemed to work, certainly didnt make it fast. The average speed time for Bluehost for thepast 12 months is 688ms, which is poor to be honest.
  3. Over the past 12 months (2020 -2021) its been stable enough with an average uptime of 99.7% So you should be ok here.
  4. I already talked about the customer experience through the online chat, woeful! Which is what really lets Bluehost down for me.
  5. They do have some good packages, starting low (You get what you pay for) and climbing obviously with more bandwidth. So with discounts and starting offers its pretty cheap.

Other good features include:

A free SSL certificate, the free CDN was rubbish, a one-click WordPress install, multiple CMS integrations, and additional eCommerce plugins. The price starts at something like $3.95pm for the basic plan for a small website with low traffic.

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The 5 Best Hosting Services For Asia 9

Hostinger 4.5/5 (yep, its that good)

If you are looking for a good cloud server, Hostinger is the one you want. Everything I would say is pretty good with these guys and I have never had an issue. Even with the cheap option, it is easy to get your site running fast, with all the required integrations you need for a business website. Not a lot bad to say about it really.

  1. Security – I would suggest here that you go with the Cloud version and not the shared hosting. You don’t get a free SSL which is a real let down here, but it isnt expensive. All the other security measures that they add to keep your site safe and secure work pretty well.
  2. Fast – Wow is it quick! On average the speed is 136ms across the world… really impressive! And if you have read our blog on website speed here, you will know why this is is important. They actually help you get your site loading faster too, with Cache Manager, so lots of great little things to help with the core vitals update from google.
  3. Stable – Hostinger has a Guaranteed uptime of of 99.99% and they really are living up to it, so yeah, pretty darned reliable if you ask me. The clients I have placed with these guys previously, haven’t had any issues here.
  4. Customer Service – I have always received great servce with Hostinger. Never had an issue getting a hold of them when having an issue. Always polite and they deal with your issue quickly
  5. Price – A wide ranging price structure with these guys, so you should be able t find something to fit within your budget. they start from something crazy like $1.50, but this is for the shared hosting, which is ok.

Other great things;

They have their own website drag and drop builder (Not Tried it), and Ai content writer, an Ai Heatmap, a logo maker, and loads of images for you to choose from. You can one-click install WordPress, should you not wanna use the Zyro web builder.

A2 Hosting 4.2/5

I have found A2 to be really good when it comes to customer service. I personally have never had any issues at all with them at all, or any customer service queries that I have had have not been answered rapidly and with thought to my understanding. It’s no secrete that we use WordPress as our Content Management System (CMS) here. And it again is a one-click install via Cpanel, which using them so easily.

  1. Security – SSL certificate given for free, lots of other security features to boring to go into here, but they seem too work. Free migration from your existing prodider to these guys. All good if you ask me
  2. Fast – Yeah they have a great fast service with this. They state they are 20% faster with there ‘turbo server’ option. Which I have yet to test, as without it it pulls in at 434ms, so not too shabby.
  3. Stable – They also have a guaranteed up time of 99.99% which again they dont seem to have trouble with here, or from what I can tell.
  4. Customer Service – I would say again this is where they excel. 24/7 service!
Hosting Services For Asia
The 5 Best Hosting Services For Asia 10

5. Price – I would recommend the Swift package as Hosting Services For Asia to get the faster speeds, which will set you back a nice $4.90per month. Really cheap for what you get here

Other great things in the package, such as one-click install on a host of CMSs such as WordPress, Drupal CMS, Joomla, and Magenta which is an e-commerce platform. Plus it does allow Opencart which is a very good e-commerce software and shopping cart platform as well.

Verpex Hosting 4.6/5

Verpex Hosting is a UK-based hosting company that offers a great hosting service with a server in Singapore as well as lots of other places around the world. From, Resellers, Cloud Hosting, Shared Hosting, they have something for all budgets. From what I have seen, 99% of user reviews have been pretty positive. My own experience is all so pretty good, as you know by now I like it when they have decent customer service, as these guys do have 24hr support and have even won awards for it.

  1. Security – Yeah, so they use SSD and provide cloud hosting, all security is provided in the price and I didnt see any cause for concern as an SEO or average user.
  2. Speed – They have an average speed of 228ms across the year Apr 2020 to Apr 2021, which is pretty good. If you added something like Cloudflare and NitroPack to a wordpress site on top of that and your site will be instantanious. So, it scores high here too.
  3. Stability – Great stability with 99.98% uptime recorded across the same period as above, so you should certainly be fine here.
  4. Customer Service – As I said, these guys are on the ball and always willing to help and go the extra mile to make sure the customer is happy. I was very impressed with this and I have never had a bad experience with them.
  5. Price – A little more expensive at $5.99per month, than say A2, but I think certainly worth it due to the customer support experience alone.

Other stuff: The usual with one-click instals, Cpanel, and ability to use other CMS’s should you so wish to do.

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The 5 Best Hosting Services For Asia 11
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The 5 Best Hosting Services For Asia 12

TMD Hosting 3.9/5

For Cheap SSD and Linux hosting TMD Hosting is at the top of the list, and is certainly one of the most popular companies with shared Linux plans starting at $2.85 per month. TMDHosting has the Cloud Sites platform (originally developed by Rackspace) that includes unlimited SSD storage on elastic web server networks that scale with web traffic. SSD storage can be used as VRAM on VPS accounts for even better performance with in-memory caching of database & PHP processes. Customer service is hit and miss…

  1. Security – TMD is really hitting top marks here and even though I dont know massive amounts inthe area of security, my client sites have certainly never had an issue in the 4yrs we have been using them. If my clients are happy, I am happy.
  2. Speed – a little slower giving 374ms for the year Apr 20 – Apr 21
  3. Stability – 99.99% uptime gives you the answer here. Never an issue
  4. Customer service – Pretty good with dedicated servers certainly, they did all the installi=ation and was very impressed.
  5. Price – As I said its one of the cheapest for SSD and Linux at $2.95 per month for the basic package, but you actually get a lot for that which sets it apart from alot of its competitors.

Other stuff; Easy to use drag and drop site builder, One-click WordPress instal, Unlimited E-mail accounts, and a 60day money-back guarantee…

The 5 Best Hosting Services For Asia 13

So there you have it, hosting services for Asia. All have Singapore servers at least, other with multiple servers in the region. I haven’t supplied links as I am not selling this stuff. I am just giving my honest feedback as to what I have used in the past. Of course, we now have a dedicated server of our own that we use to place Buzzweb clients on, so we are looking after you 100%. If you have any questions, contact us and we will get back to you quickly. No question is a silly question unless it is a silly question like “if you have seedless grapes, how do you get more grapes”? Just questions about Hosting and or websites in general, please.

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