Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not just keywords

Search marketing works by ranking a website according to a user's search query, which generally ranks websites according to a keyword.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an alternative tool that has become popular for those who want to promote a website on the internet due to the great influence it has on the lives of many people. For this reason, you can find different concepts of search marketing that can vary according to the use that each company grants to it. Said set of tools allow increasing the visibility of web pages or sites through certain search engines, whether they are paid or not. It is a variant of marketing, which consists of promoting a website by using a keyword. However, SEO is more than just keywords.

How does it work?

Search marketing works by ranking a website according to a user’s search query, which generally ranks websites according to a keyword. In this way, search engines show two different types of results, which are those that are paid and those that are not, each with its characteristic and location.

Natural / organic results –

The organic result represents a simple search by a user, yielding the results that are most similar to the keyword. To find this result, the algorithm looks for the web pages that most include said word, in order to return the most accurate result possible. The technique by which these natural results are governed are SEO positioning.

Payment results –

These results have much more scope than the natural ones, appearing at the top of the screen and in a column to the right. To position themselves in search marketing in these results, page owners must opt ​​for advertising solutions such as Google Ads, which is a pay-per-click (PPC) system. We can highlight –

SEO: It is a technique of organic results, which consists of the analysis of certain keywords, creation of original content, and optimization of said content, etc.

Search engine advertising: It is a technique of paid results where you achieve the traffic of visits and the attraction of users on the Internet through attractive advertisements.The activities of this technique also include the search for keywords, the creation and optimization of the content of the web page, the management of bids (or payments for clicks), etc.

Specific public

Thanks to the search method to reach the web pages, the owners can reach a specific audience that is truly interested in the content that these pages offer.


With search marketing, companies can achieve certain short-term goals such as increased visits, acquisition of new customers, dissemination on the network, etc.

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Measurable and visibility gains

A company’s insights into search marketing can provide verifiable information about customers and their interests, providing an opportunity to learn what matters to them about the website. On the other hand, with this marketing, the visibility of the company can be immediate, because search engines can position the website above the competition.

Is it advisable to use search marketing?

Search marketing is an excellent option for those companies that have good management and optimization of their content, providing benefits from the first moment. Despite having a few drawbacks, if you know how to take advantage of it, it can be very useful for a company to position itself as a successful one. 

Would I say go out and hire an SEO person to do the SEO Basics for you? Of course, I would, it’s how I earn money. But, it’s up to you. If you think it’s cheaper to get an expert to do it, compared to how much your time is worth doing this, go for it.

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