The use of negative space in Web design

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To use negative space in web design properly, you need to follow the below described ways and means in this regard.

Negative design is considered to be an essential element in web design. It is perfectly used for redirecting viewers’ attention and focus from entry areas to enhance the overall user experience. The use of negative space in Web design surely holds ultimate importance that you must know about.

The use of negative space in Web design - BuzzWeb 2022

Using negative space in Web Design properly

To use negative space in web design properly, you need to follow the below described ways and means in this regard.

Utilize negative space for breaking up a page

Breaking up space on some web pages is surely a necessary visual component. If a website has too little space and too much information, visitors will find it difficult to focus and concentrate. This is why you must properly utilize negative space for systematically breaking a page so that users get buffer time to absorb information and details.

Emphasize content comprehension

Content legibility and readability is certainly a vital aspect in the web design. In this case, negative space in web design, is to be used for effectively optimizing both of these aspects. It is important to use proper space between letters, words, and lines to increase overall reading comprehension. To optimize content comprehension, line spacing and paragraph margins are necessary.

Create proper visual hierarchy

Negative space in web design is more about than just empty spaces between different elements of a web page. It is essential to create a visual hierarchy because it can create UI elements to make page design better. The visitors are supposed to have a welcoming layout on the web page, which increases the traffic. Hence, you are seriously supposed to focus on visual hierarchy.

Clarify relationships

It is really important and significant for you to clarify relationships among different elements of the web page. Proper use of negative space in web design is needed to implement the principle of proximity to make the overall design quite appealing. For instance, such principles are to properly work for the blog architecture. By systematically separating bulk texts into blocks and paragraphs, a designer can achieve a more pleasant and digestible layout.


It can be concluded from the above discussion that negative space is regarded as quite a powerful tool regarding web design. If you properly follow all the things described above, your created web design will be functional and soothing to visitors’ eyes. It will garner more traffic in the process as the effective reach of a website will increase.

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