ELATE is a progressive learning institute that empowers learners to aspire towards excellence, offering an exceptional education based on personalized STEAM curricula. 

Website Showcase

ELATE a Fun Education Website To Showcase information

ELATE needed a interactive warm welcoming website for the new educational venture. The brief was to create something inspiring, that would be welcoming to both parents, teachers and pupils. the color pallete chosen was that of the rainbow. This we felt would cover most if not all of the requirements. The client wanted Education of what they do to be at the front of everything, with secondary of sign ups.  We provided a modern WordPress platform with a unique custom CSS features adding in virtual classrooms. 

ELATE is another great case study from BuzzWeb 2022

This colour option was chosen to invoke a feeling of welcoming fun and happyness. 

This also was to compliment the logo and the site, The content was placed into boxes to show this place of learning has rules and discipline.

Case Study Website To Generate Leads

ELATE provide a a progressive learning institute that empowers learners to aspire towards excellence. ELATE asked us to provide a website that would help with Education and more importantly and to generate sig-ups to classes.

We did this using a combination of UI/UX funnel techniques and lead generation tools so that potential clients would gain enough information on what ELATE provide, so they the parent can collate enough to form a +ROI.


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Font Family Used on This Project

Main Heading Font

Mazzard is a superfamily of three geometric grotesques with three different x-heights (H, M, and L). It features rich language support including Cyrillic, and offers a wide variety of alternate forms to choose from.

Secondary Heading

Pontano Sans is a minimalist and light weighted Sans Serif. Pontano is designed mainly for use as a display font but is useable as a text font too.

Main Body Text

ABeeZee is a children's learning font. Open, friendly and simple, the definite shapes support the process of learning to read and write.

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