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This Is Just The Seo Basics

Getting Started With The SEO Basics

This is just the SEO Basics, therefore, this guide and its writer, are assuming that you are looking to SEO your own website, and not planning on starting an SEO agency. Nothing against that of course, however, I recommend that you look into a more structured SEO Basics course, should that be the case, as this won’t really give you what you need.

5 Alive On A Chalkboard The 5 Website Builders For Diy Websites

The 5 Website Builders for DIY Websites

You are looking to build a website and you want to DIY (Do It Yourself). Good news, you can! I have put together a list of the best website builders for DIY websites. Obviously, I would prefer you to just hit the Contact Us button and get me to do it.

The Great Tld Debate Or 2021

To .Com or not .Com – What is best for a TLD

The great Top Level Domain (TLD) debate. It divides us, webbers, techies, and SEOs. Should you just have a .com as nothing else really works as well? Or is it ok to try one of this new-fangled dot.XYZ or dot.Shop as people who are searching and visiting your website don’t really care.