The 5 Best Website Builders for DIY Websites

5 best website builders? Ok, I confess, maybe they are not all the best

You are looking to build a website and you want to DIY (Do It Yourself). Good news, you can! I have put together a list of the best website builders for DIY websites. Obviously, I would prefer you to just hit the Contact Us button and get me to do it. That way you get everything you need to be included, however, if you insist here are MY top 5 website builders for you to review.


The 5 Best Website Builders for DIY Websites - BuzzWeb

Firstly, as website builders go, Webflow is pretty good. It has a free plan, but in order to actually publish your website, the basic package will cost you $12pm, a total of $144 for the year. Not so bad, if you consider the price of a decent hosting package can set you to that anyway. But it does start getting expensive the more features you want, not to mention the third-party addons you may wish to add. The most expensive it can set you back is $200pm approx.

I have enjoyed SEO’ing a Webflow site in the past and found it went very well. Easy to work through it, adding internal links, and so on. However, I was unable to increase the speed to a satisfactory rate, not having access to a Cpanel. But, still got there in the end.

I would say that it provides really good-looking template designs that can give you a unique look for your corporate website. It really isn’t cheap though, but it does provide some outstanding features for the money. Templates are well-designed, mobile-optimized, and cover a range of industries. Webflow’s features, however, in order to get the best out of its features you may have to make use of its third-party integrations.

Overall a quality package, but I do caution against beginners using Webflow. It is complex to use. I do recommend it for seasoned web designers that want to provide their customers with something special, that will work well for a long time.

All in all, I will give it a good 3.8 out of 5! Just a bit too expensive for beginner website builders


Of course, Wix are the website builders that everyone knows. I started out building Wix sites for fun for people, seriously, I did em for free. The drag and drop ease of doing it was great. If I look back at them now, they were rubbish. I had no real idea of design to be fair, SEO was not really in my vocab. Anyway, I digress.

Wix has gone on to be massive. Over 100 million users are creating sites across the world. As it’s awesome for beginners and they have taken advantage of low prices and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop design platform. Just like I did. And of course, it’s so cheap and easy to use as well going from Free to $25/month. Wix also offers Yearly Savings Plans which can save you up to 45%, but they don’t list the exact price differences on their site.

Wix has gotten easier to SEO now too, with the Wix SEO-focused Site Booster app. Which makes the website SEO process that much easier for beginners and experts alike. So much better than it did in the old day’s kids! Add in the Artificial Design Intelligence thingy that auto-suggests layouts, color combinations, fonts, and more based on your preferences, the site these days practically builds itself. (don’t do that, you will have to re-do it yourself anyway, its good for suggestions, but not good enough just yet to actually build it totally.)

So for a maximum of $25 or $300 for the year, with which they even offer a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee, so if you’re not pleased with this website builders services you’ll have an easy out. I honestly don’t really have that much bad to say about them.

So for all the positives and hardly any negatives… 4.2 out of 5


Initially, Squarespace was the poor mans’ Wix if you will. However, it has changed and come on leaps and bounds over the last few years. As the people that run these things do to compete as the market gets bigger and more competitive, so has Squarespace. They have expanded their reach beyond the US shores, improved and modernized their themes, so now they are being used by millions across the globe.

The biggest selling point for me is the 24hr customer support. I don’t mind confessing to you dear readers, that I am not the most tech-savvy, so to have that help on hand is great. Don’t get me wrong the quality of said support, can be a little hit or miss, but they certainly are striving to improve, as it has been mainly hitting than misses these days.

There is a free trial you can take before jumping directly in and the prices range from a minimum of $12 to $46 per month. Even for the $12 basic package, they spring for unlimited storage, bandwidth, pages, galleries, and blogs, so that is pretty sweet. I would say that Squarespace is known for its sleek designer-quality templates. So if you are one of those designer types that have a need for excellent visuals (artists, photographers, clothing designers, etc.) Square Space will help you stand and show off your creativity very well.

However, from an SEO perspective…

Well, I am not overly keen on these website builders to be fair. I find it difficult and awkward to use for just the easy stuff like site titles and metadata. I just wish it was made that simpler to use. And I never seem to find they rank as well or as quickly as others. But, in fairness, I do SEO sites for plumbers and builders and not artists, so…

So I will give this a reasonable 3.2 out of 5


OMG, I hate Shopify! Can I stop here with this one and just not even talk about it. When I first opened my SEO agency, a Shopify website was one of the first through the door. The dude had built it himself, first-time website builders special. I had never used it before, I didn’t know what to do with it. I longed for a WordPress site to turn up so I could kick this one out. I hated it so much. But I needed the money back then and stuck with it. It was a supplement company in the US, I did my best, we increased rankings and I increased sales… I don’t know-how.

Look, don’t laugh at me, we all have our kryptonite. Shopify is mine. Ok, so cut to the present day. A friend of mine came to me asking for me to build him a new website. He wanted me to do it on Shopify… I looked into it. Frankly, it’s just as bad as I remember, no, worse. I had to turn him down.

Others may like this and find it works for them. Personally, I think they make it overly complicated and convoluted. Extremely difficult to SEO, having to find where you can add simple things like site titles. Just adding an internal liking strategy was bad enough. Finding how to edit the home page… no, for me it’s no good. There is much better out there to use.

2 out of 5, serious, I hate it


Say what you like about Weebly, but I like it. They offer a real variety of plans to choose from, all at very different price points. So no matter what your budget or circumstances, they can accommodate you. I have used Weebly for clients both looking to start a large-scale online store and a simple 3-page website/business card to represent them online. It works, decent pricing with good packages and features. At a cost of up to $38 per month (although for this price you have to pay annually) it’s a decent amount for the price. The free packages to just get you online are not bad either to be fair.

Weebly has one of the best Android apps going, allowing you to manage your online store from your mobile on the fly. The only one in the industry to do this. Well played Weebly, well played… They also have something like 200 add-ons available, from security, SEO, and site speed boosters, as well as allowing the regular joe users and coders to play around with HTML/CSS on your own site. So you want that flashing “Call me now” button… cool, knock up some CSS and away you go. (Cannot do that on Shopify!)

Obviously, I wouldn’t go recommending the free version of Weebly for a corporate smart Sharp business website to be fair. But it can work for your Mom & Pop local business or a small E-com store, which is on a budget and need to keep costs down. With a user base of over 40 million, Weebly is doing something right

From an SEO perspective, I like it, user friendly and seems to rank well 4/5 good stuff!

Weebly logo

Let Buzzweb do it!

Ok, so that was MY top 5. Based on my own personal experiences and troubles using these website builders, both as a web builder and SEO. Personally, I really do think you should just give us a call and let us build it. Properly… on WordPress with Elementor, where it will rank, look and feel awesome and be soooooo easy to fix if it goes wrong.

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